Christine first started karate as a parent watching her daughter Emma. After being persuaded by a fellow parent to give it a go instead of sitting on the sidelines, Christine wanted to exercise and get fit and learn self defence at the same time. In July 2007 she joined Hasha Karate under the instruction of Sensei George Best and Sensei Jason Netherton.

Christine initially only trained twice a week and steadily progressed. When reaching her purple belt she then upped her training to three times a week, being addicted to the sport and in May 2011 she took her 1st Dan grade at Ippon Karate Academy under Sensei Jason Netherton, Sensei Dave Ward & Sensei John Marsh.

Christine has got to train and learn with the best including Sensei’s John Marsh, Dave Ward, Ronny Christopher, Elwyn Hall and the late Randy Williams through various training seminars.

As a result of this she became interested in teaching and wanted to pass on what she had learnt and now assists teaching students at St Bede’s School in Bolton and also Total Fitness in Walkden.

Christine’s only regret is that she wishes she had started karate earlier, but then again she wouldn’t have had the opportunity of training with the best of the best and gaining the knowledge of all of the Sensei’s she has trained under.

Keen to further her progression Christine trained diligently for the next 2 years and was successful in 2013 in passing her 2nd Dan Black Belt.

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