Emma joined Hasha Karate in May 2008 at the age of 11. She was already a member of the gym doing other classes and then was persuaded to go to karate by a friend of hers. Emma joined at the Walkden Total Fitness and began to progress through her belts. Karate kept her fit and was an activity to do out of school that she enjoyed. Emma has trained under various instructors around Britain. These are the likes of Sensi Dave Ward, Sensi George Best, Sensi Jason Netherton, Sensei John Marsh, Sensi Elwin Hall, Sensi Ronny Christopher and the late Sensi Randy Williams. Her Sensi that she currently trains weekly with is Sensi Jason Netherton. Under these instructors she has attended seminars in Birmingham and Liverpool.Emma passed her First Dan in October 2010 under Sensi George Best and Sensi Jason Netherton and is currently working towards her Second Dan. After Emma passed her first Dan she was introduced to teaching at her club. She has now worked her way up to teaching at a school based karate club every week with her mother, Christine who is also a first Dan and teaching at the school karate class.

Emma has attended and participated in some competitions that were open to the club to enter. When she began entering competitions she was a 1st Kyu. The first competition she entered was a Hasha based competition held at one of the club’s gyms. She was entered in the single Kata category and got 3rd place. After the transition to Ippon Karate Academy Emma then entered another competition in Preston in which she was entered in a single Kata category in which she also came away with 3rd.

Finally Emma and a group of other girls from Karate started up a Team Kata group in which she practiced every week. As a team of three Emma and her team mates went to the Northwest Open Championships in Preston and gained a Bronze medal for 3rd place. She is now continuing with her Team Kata and teaching at a school club.