Avneesha first started learning karate at the age of 9 with Ryukyu Karate, where she trained for 2 years and attained a purple belt. When hitting the age of 12, secondary school became a priority and karate stopped all together. Avneesha has always been fascinated with sports and has taken part in many sporting activities with school as well as competing for the school teams in football, hockey and cross country running. She then returned to karate after a year when signing up for Total Fitness. Training under the tuition of Sensei Jason Netherton at Hasha International Karate. She stayed as a purple belt until she learnt every single syllabus up until the belt she was at. Once achieving her brown belt, she decided to compete in competitions simply for experience and then realised this was the route of karate she wanted to go down. After training at squad sessions, black and brown belt classes and seminars, Avneesha gained her 1st Dan Black belt at the age of 15 and was graded under Sensei George Best and Sensei Jason Netherton. Recognising her potential Sensei Netherton invited her to England squad training and after proving herself against full blown adults she was successful in selection as a member of Hasha England Karate Squad.

Following this achievement she started entering various competitions and success quickly followed as she started to win trophies, medals and titles. A few titles are; Seku National Open finalist, BSKI National open Champion, ITKA National Open Champion, JKS International Champion and many more. Her best performance to date was when she travelled with the Hasha England squad to France in October 2010 for the Karate World Championships where Avneesha reached the quarter final stage.

In her short Karate career Aveenesha has been fortunate to train with some of the best instructors the world has to offer.

“I have been very fortunate to train with some of the best instructors and some true karate Legends Sensei George Best, Sensei Ronnie Christopher, Sensei Randy Williams and Sensei Elwyn Hall, are all inspirational and I’m especially lucky to have three top instructors that I train with weekly, thank you to Sensei Jason Netherton, Sensei John Marsh And Sensei Dave Ward.”

Avneesha also showed good aptitude and the potential to become a club instructor and in 2010 successfully passed her level 2 instructor qualifications, following this she was given the responsibility of instructing young primary school children by teaching at St. Bede’s school Bolton after college twice a week.

Keen to continue her personal development Avneesha trained diligently and in January 2012 Avneesha was awarded with her 2nd Dan Black belt, graded under Sensei Jason Netherton and Sensei John Marsh.

Whilst training karate twice a week, Avneesha was also doing her GCSE’s. She has recently finished at Runshaw College in Leyland where she was studying BTEC National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences in which she achieved the highest grade in being D*D*D*. Alongside college, Avneesha was doing another course back to back with her college work at West Lancashire College in Skemersdale where she travelled every Tuesday after college. She studied a Level 3 Sports and Exercise Massage Qualification which she was successful in. She also attains a part time job on weekends. In September 2012, Avneesha will be attending Leeds Metropolitan University, studying Sports Therapy whilst also training karate at least once a week in Leeds.

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