Sensei Dave Ward is the ultimate warrior in the sense that he started Karate when he was just 8 and still competes for the England Squad today! His England career has spanned over 15 years and has given him International status! His journey though, has not been so straight forward and he brings his knowledge and experience from other disciplines to his methods of training.
Sensei has trained with many individuals and has been taught by those who are considered to be the best in the world. “It is the World Class instruction I have been fortunate to receive over the years that has helped me to become the champion and individual I am today! There are a lot of instructors out there and it is important to choose correctly! I have trained in many disciplines and I have always looked for the best in the business!”

Sensei trains under the instruction of Sensei George Best 6th Dan and enjoys training whenever possible with 2 other childhood idols, Sensei Ronnie Christopher 6th Dan and Sensei Elwyn Hall 5th Dan.
Along the way he has collected many British and European Championship Titles, and a World Championship Bronze Medal, competing all over the world. He has competed against the best and he has beaten the best! His first senior British title was won at the early age 22 and his popularity since then has grown on the circuits along with his reputation as a fierce competitor! Adding to his armoury over these years Sensei Ward has worked in door security so has seen first hand how effective our techniques can be. Sensei to his own admission doesn’t concentrate or focus on increasing his grades. “It really isn’t important what colour belt you wear or what Dan grade you carry. Whilst it is important to carry each grade with pride and humility it is more important that you can deliver in a high pressured situation or when it is needed and that’s what students will learn training with me!”

Nontheless however, Sensei is a 3rd Dan in Shotokan Karate, a 1st Dan in Applied Karate, focussing on the very real application of the Art in a live environment and a 1st Dan in Kick Boxing, where he achieved 2 British titles in 2 different weight category’s. Sensei Ward always puts his successes else where and in life down to Shotokan Karate!”I hold Karate close to my heart! It has always given me purpose and a strong foundation to work from. I have tried many different disciplines, boxing, ninjitsu, jujitsu, kick boxing and I have always returned to Shotokan. The discipline and dedication Karate takes and needs to show any ability is second to none. That ability though is far superior to any other I have experienced! It is a complicated Art to master and I am still trying to achieve that goal. You never stop learning! It is intriguing, interesting, challenging, gratifying and fun! Karate builds strength, flexibility, fitness, confidence, resilience, the ability to focus on the job in hand and most importantly true character! The Art of Shotokan has tort and developed me in to a competitor and individual that never gives up on my goals!”

Sensei Ward wants all students who train with him to aspire to achieve their best, in whatever they do. His intention is to teach effectively whilst making it real and fun to learn. “Karate is an Art you can take part in from a tender age of 5 or 6 right up until your later years of 65 and beyond. I intend to be as involved in this fascinating Art as much as I am now, 30 or 40 years from now!”
Regular courses are held with Sensei Ward Focussing on kumite and street self defence. His knowledge, experience and training methods make this fun, realistic and educational.

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