Ronnie Christopher began his Karate training at the age of 14 and it soon became obvious to his instructors that he had something special. He lived up to their expectations by being selected to represent England and Great Britain at junior and senior level competing in numerous international competitions.

This meant that he would spend the next 16 years training under the personal guidance of the world famous Sensei Enoeda and KUGB senior coach, Andy Sherry of whom Ronnie says: “That squad session pushed me to my absolute limit physically and mentally; it came within a hairs breath of breaking me. It was one of those defining moments in ones life when you have to make a decision… give up totally or put in 110% effort; for me there was no half way house. I trained diligently and I would allow myself 2 days a week off from karate training, which meant I was training 5 times a week. Psychologically saying I can rest for 2 days sounds great, as opposed to I must train 5 times a week.”

Ronnie devotes his time to passing on his vast amount of knowledge to his karate students. One of the key components to his very effective and enjoyable teaching style is his unending passion and enthusiasm. Some of his students have followed in his footsteps and have also represented England at junior and International senior level winning the karate Union Of Great Britain British Championships. Ronnie believes that the mental side of karate is just as important as the physical side and this is the reason why his karate clubs bare the name Ruach.

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