Champions International Karate Association

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Following 4 years of independence, Sensei Jason Netherton decided to give his club and association a new and exciting challenge. In August 2015, the United Karate Great Britain and Ippon Karate Academy became a full member of the Champions International Karate Association.

Founded by Sensei Junior Lefevre, 6th Dan WKF, C.I.K.A. is a fast growing, worldwide, non-political organization based on friendship and the true values of Karate-Do.

​”The C.I.K.A. is an association for groups, clubs and individuals. As an association, we endeavor to form a circle of friendships to promote the understanding and technical enhancement of karate. We believe that karate is a martial science and a way of life that trains the practitioner to be peaceful.” –C.I.K.A. World Karate

In September 2015, Sensei Jason Netherton was proudly asked to become the head of C.I.K.A. England.

By this message and as one of the Shihankai of the association… With the agreement of the other Shihankai … I am asking to sensei Jason Netherton CIKA member with his clubs to lead the group within England… We believe that the good structure that Sensei Jason has, can be a good point in the development of CIKA
of course, he get the help and the support of all CIKA member to do this

Congratulation sensei and good work in CIKA

OSS” -Sensei Junior LefevreCIKABadge