Online Training Week 30/03/2020

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all healthy and safe.

I hope you are all staying at home following the advice of the government.

We are putting together a weekly itinerary to keep on top of your training and to help break the difficulty of the day.

We decided on 2 training sessions per day to complement your daily schedules.

1st:- 11.30 following your studies and just before your dinner,

2nd:- 16.30 again following your studies just before your evening meal.

Itinerary as follows

Week comencing 30/03/20
11.30am Karate fitness    Sen Katie Liegh
16.30pm Kihon beg/int    Sen Jason
11.30am kihon int/seniors  Sen Jess
16.30pm Kata                       Sen Damian
11.30am Kumite All     Sen Zak & Duwad
16.30pm kata                 Sen Jason
11.30am Karate fitness    Sen Katie Leigh
16.30pm Kihon                     Sen Jason
11.30am Kumite                 Sen Jess
16.30pm General and Recap. Q&A

Every week now will comprise of 2 sessions a day, I hope you enjoy

Oss sensei Jason.

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