Guest Sensei Christina Kavakopoulou

Hello guys some exciting news!!!
It wouldn’t be Ippon karate Academy if we didnt bring you the best coachs bringing you the best classes.
I happy to imform you that our friends and family karate Superstars
Christina POCKET ROCKET Kavakopoulou and Rebeca LATIN KUMITE SENSATION Ferrer,
will be teaching some of our FACEBOOK online live sessions.
This goes a little way to bridge the gap of disappointed that we will not be seeing Christina or Rebeca in June due to the current climate.
Thank you both so much #karatefamily ❤

European kumite and kata finalist.
Greek kumite and kata champion.
Premiere league kumite finalist.
SKIF kumite & kata world champion.
Former ranked 5th WKF kumite

Venezuelan multiple Champion
Spanish Champion
Central, South and Panamerican Champion.
SKIF kumite World Champion.

Christina’s class will be this Wednesday 18.30 on the open Ippon karate academy
This will be approx 45 min class 👍💪👊❤
Oss Sensei Jason

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