Good evening guys.

Following confirmation tonight we are very sad to say that once again we need to close all of our dojo’s.

This is to keep us fully compliant with both government and EKF rules and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

During last lockdown some people did not regularly train on the Zoom sessions this time we expect you All to train a minimum of twice per week, as schools are open we will only be running evening sessions on zoom.

Monday to Friday classes will be 6.30pm and we hope to have both morning and
evening/afternoon sessions on a weekend giving everyone chance to train a minimum of twice each week with 9 sessions running.
Sensei Jason is also planning adult only classes at more convenient time for those who have demanding work schedules.

Now the bit to parents we know home training is hard but you have a part to play in keeping your children training. If you have any difficulties with your child refusing please let your Sensei know immediately and we will help with the problem.

I hope everyone stays safe an we will closely monitor attendance over what we hope is a shorter lockdown.

We will use the normal login details for zoom.

Sensei Damian.
Secretary Ippon Karate Academy

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