Lower Kyu Grading Update

Hello guys
So once again Kyu grading is upon us.

Decembers grading will be held at our home dojo Bury Castle Armouries

As we have said we always prefer to grade in the dojo and this looks like it will be possible.

Please text student name and current grade/belt colour to Dawn no later than Sunday so we can start to plan timings. PLEASE DO NOT JUST ASSUME WE WILL PUT YOUR NAME DOWN. IF WE HAVE NOT HAD A MESSAGE FROM YOU WILL NOT BE ON THE LIST TO GRADE

Please make sure you have transferred you grading fee of £27.50 no later than Monday so we can plan times for each belt. Any money received after this date will be returned and you will not be eligible to grade.

Full details to follow.
Oss Sensei Damian

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