This Weekends Gradings


Sunday 6th at The barracks

Please only arrive at your allotted time. Maintain a social distance while waiting to sign in, do not enter building unless asked to do so. Adults dropping children masks are preferable

Make sure grading monies have been paid. Check licences are in date if not please bring monies in an envelope on the day.

8:45 arrival for 9 am start

Dhruv Senghani
Mukundh Madhushankar
Nathan Rich
Joshua Rich
James Doel
Sofia Goncalves
Logan Hibbert
Ananth Mahesh
Noah King
Guilherme Machado
Arya Saravana
William Szelepa
Harshini Madhushankar
Jack Langowski
Jaycee Foster
Akshara Vemuri

9am arrival for 9:15 start
Mason Keanely
Virat Vemuri
Alan Kuchnicki
Harriet Gorvett
Kush Khimani
Kai Haslam
Taut Kačinskas
Oliver Langowski

Zoom Grading Saturday 5th@ 10:30
Paul Shaw
Georgia Shaw
Sharon McGreavy
Kęstutis Kačinskas
Angelina Traykova
Katy Krumova
Claire Gorvett
Darren Rich
Duncan Cooper
Bradborn x2
Ali Family x3

Oss sensei Jason

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