An Amazing Weekend

Well guys what an amazing weekend 💪👍
Saturday started with a brilliant class by Nadia Gomez Morales followed by our Sensei, Mentor and friend the living legend Sensei Junior Lefevre
Sunday started with pocket Rocket and former WKF 5th Ranked fighter Christina Eirini Kavakopoulou a fantastic class.
Finally our Brown Belt grading online was unprecedented and the students were all superb.
Id like to thank all our members and guests who supported this weekend.
It is especially important in these tough times to support one another and stay focused.
To all senior grades it is important to understand that your belt is a measure of you and your personal standard. If you wear a Dan Grade remember how you got it and the people who supported you to get it, it is your turn to return that support to the lower grades.
Oss Sensei Jason

Sensei Christina Training Time

Good morning all to confirm the training time for Christina today is 11.45 so not to co-inside with Sensei #JuniorLefevre Adidas masterclass.

Enjoy today oss Sensei Jason

#ChristinaKavakopoulou #Zoom #Facebooklive

This Weekend Online Training

Hello all Just an update on this weekends online training program. As well as Sensei Nadia Gomez Morales & Sensei Christina Eirini Kavakopoulou, we have a special guest🤔🤔 joining us for an additional session on Saturday @ 12.15 I suggest you make time in your diaries 💪👊👍💥

Stanislav “The Dragon” Horuna

Looking forward to training with the super star #Stanislav Horuna 13.00pm London time tommorow. 25/04/20
Session will be on Facebook & Zoom

Sensei Rebeca & Nadia Training

Looking forward to another weekend of fantastic online training.
Rebeca Ferrer & Nadia Gomez Morales will be doing the second weekend of the 4 weekend online training program

Update on Spring Cika Seminar

Hello all, from Ippon karate academy & Cika England we hope you are all safe and well.
Following last weeks government extension of social lockdown, we at cika England have postpone the Cika Spring Seminar with Sensei Junior Lefevre weekend May 2nd/3rd
Sensei Junior and myself waited as long as we could to see what position and condition both the UK and Belgium as countries were in.
We did consider postpontponing several weeks back as a matter of prudence but did not want to disappoint anyone. Obviously now with our government’s stances the decision has been made for us.
Id like to reiterate postponed not cancilled.
Sensei and myself are already looking at alternatives dates. Any guests that have paid any deposits or full balances your money is safe. Thank you for your support and wishing you all continued good health. 🙏❤
Oss sensei Jason Netherton chairman Cika England

Amazing class by Sensei Rebeca

Amazing class from sensei Rebeca Ferrer this morning thank you so much🙏❤
Guys if you like to message sensei here with any comments or questions.
Oss sensei Jason

Online training week 20/04/2020

Itinerary as follows
Week comencing 20th April 2020
11.30 Karate fitness KL Facebook & Zoom
16.30 Syllabus Clip Facebook
18.30 Kata Jason Facebook & Zoom

11.30am kihon Sen Jess Facebook
16.30 Syllabus Clip Facebook
18.30 Kihon  Sen Damian Facebook & Zoom

11.30 Kum Zak & Dawud Facebook & Zoom
16.30 Syllabus Clip Facebook
18.30 kata      Jason Facebook & Zoom

11.30 Karate fitness KL Facebook & Zoom
16.30 Syllabus Clip Facebook
18.30 Kihon   Jason Facebook & Zoom

11.30am Kumite  Jess Facebook
16.30 Syllabus Clip Facebook
18.30pm Dawud & Zak Friday Fight night Facebook & Zoom

Oss sensei Jason

Today’s training with Christina Kavakopoulou

Hello Everyone
Just comfirming the itinerary for the 4 weekend online training program with Rebeca Ferrer, Christina Eirini Kavakopoulou & Nadia Gomez Morales.
All classes will begin @ 11.00am London time.
Saturday 18th Christina (10.00am)
Sunday 19th Rebeca
Saturday 25th Rebeca
Sunday 26th Nadia
Saturday 2nd Nadia
Sunday 3rd Christina
Sat/Sun 9th/10th TBCOss Sensei Jason

Brown & Black Belt Grading News

Brown Belt Grading

Guys moving on with our grading we should have been holding our Brown and Blackbelt gradings on Sunday26th April, however sit to the current COVID19 situation we are unable to hold the grading as planned at school.

However we have decided to do an online session for grading Brown Belt and upto 2nd Kyu’s I am sure all potential Dan grades will appreciate and understand that it is impossible to hold an online session for such a high level belt.

The session will be on Sunday 3rd May 2020 this would have been the date for the summer seminar with Sensei Junior so no reason anyone is not available.

There are still some details left to finalise such as timings and slight alterations to syllabus your kumite section of grading will be dealt with at the first available dojo class and this is where we will award Certificates and Belts.

The only way we can do this is with your cooperation and by utilising ZOOM so please do get this downloaded and working ASAP.

Many thanks for your continued support in this difficult time.

Sensei Damian