Hello all.
As all you mature students and instructors know as we get older it becomes more and more difficult to keep at your peak physical best.
Over the last 10 years i have consistently started to struggle physically. From my flexibility to my energy levels and my susceptibility to injury. I understood i needed to make some changes. The obvious start was my diet, but i new on its own it wouldn’t be enough with my busy lifestyle, so I decided to give YELLOW PULP a try.
Im terrible for remembering and also being organised in the morning to make shakes and take tablets at certain times of the day, so i needed something convenient. YELLOW PULP is easy, one tablet twice a day fab!!👍 It comes in its own personal carry box so you can take anywhere, so like me if your busy you can leave in your car so you take when your grabing a bite.
After only a short period of time I have started to notice some changes, im less sore following my training and find on a whole i have more energy. Im realy enthused to see how over the next few months if my gains consolidate and maybe even increase.
On a personal note I have been a migraine sufferer for 40 years and the last few years my symptoms have changed to cluster migraine (several one after another). Since taking Yellow Pulp i have not had an episode, ill keep my fellow migraine sufferers posted🤞.
From my experience i would recommend Yellow Pulp a try if your looking for any the improvements ive mentioned.

Oss sensei Jason

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