Brown & Black Belt Grading News

Brown Belt Grading

Guys moving on with our grading we should have been holding our Brown and Blackbelt gradings on Sunday26th April, however sit to the current COVID19 situation we are unable to hold the grading as planned at school.

However we have decided to do an online session for grading Brown Belt and upto 2nd Kyu’s I am sure all potential Dan grades will appreciate and understand that it is impossible to hold an online session for such a high level belt.

The session will be on Sunday 3rd May 2020 this would have been the date for the summer seminar with Sensei Junior so no reason anyone is not available.

There are still some details left to finalise such as timings and slight alterations to syllabus your kumite section of grading will be dealt with at the first available dojo class and this is where we will award Certificates and Belts.

The only way we can do this is with your cooperation and by utilising ZOOM so please do get this downloaded and working ASAP.

Many thanks for your continued support in this difficult time.

Sensei Damian

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